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True North Psychological Services provides decades of experience working with veterans and military personnel. Dr. Mark Johnston is the psychiatrist serving the Greenwood Base. Dr. Johnston and his associate psychologists understand the challenges that veterans and their families sometimes face. We offer expertise for veterans on various mood disorders and conditions and we are familiar with helping you through the adjustment back to a civilian lifestyle. We provide a safe and comforting environment for relating with trauma, injuries and other issues many veterans may encounter.


True North welcomes both active military personnel and veterans. To see a psychologist, we accept self-referrals, referrals from health care professionals and referrals from case managers. Veterans: to visit with Dr. Johnston, a referral from a health professional or case manager is needed - active military personnel need a referral from the mental health team on their base, while veterans should have a referral from their case manager. If you are a veteran without a case manager, our office team is familiar with Veterans Affairs regulations and is pleased to help organize authorization for your treatment. The first consult with Dr. Johnston is an hour and a half; each subsequent session is 15 to 30 minutes. Each visit with a psychologist is an hour.

True North Psychological Services wants to assist veterans as much as possible to adjust back into civilian life. One of the services that we offer is helping veterans with their paperwork from Veterans Affairs or Government Canada, setting VAC accounts, and reviewing the paperwork. We offer this service to veterans free of charge, as we know this paperwork can be a difficult and stressful task.

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